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organization position chart

this is organization position chart.

Professor belonging to formation

  • Professor belonging to formation
    Dept. chief professor professor
    Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology Park, Soon-ho
    Dept. of Dental Biomaterials Choi, Ki-yeol Lee, Joong-bae
    Dept. of Physiology and Neuroscience Kim, Kyung-nyun Chung, Ki-myung, Cho, Young-kyung
    Dept. of Pharmacology and Dental Therapeutics Ko, Seong-hee Baek, Kyung-hwa
    Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology Lee, Si-young  
    Dept. of Pathology Lee, Sang-shin Lee, Suk-keun
    Dept. of Anatomy and histology Yoo, Ki-yeon Lee, Hee-su
    Dept. of Prosthodontics Cho, Lee-ra Park, Chan-jin, Kim, Dae-gon
    Dept. of Periodontology Um, Heung-sik Chang, Beom-seok, Lee, Jae-kwan
    Dept. of Preventive and Public Health Dentistry Ma, Deuk-sang Park, Deok-young, Jung, Se-hwan
    Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Park, Young-wook Kwon, Kwang-jun, Kim, Sung-gon, Kim, Min-keun
    Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry Park, Ho-won Lee, Ju-hyun, Seo, Hyun-woo
    Dept. of Oral Medicine and Diagnosis Park, Moon-su Kim, Young-jun, Kim, Cheul
    Dept. of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology Choi, Hang-moon Park, In-woo, Han, Jin-woo
    Dept. of Conservative Dentistry Cho, Kyung-mo Kim, Jin-woo, Park, Se-hee
    Dept. of Orthodontics Cha, Bong-kuen Choi, Dong-soon, Jang, In-san

    (Date : 2013. 3)

Professor Statistics

  • Professor Statistics
    position professor associate
    numbers 24 12 8 44

    (Date : 2013. 4)

Student Statistics

  • pre-dentistry
    session numbers
    total 81
    freshman 44
    sophomore 37

    (Date : 2013. 3)

  • Dept. of dentistry
    session numbers
    total 158
    freshman 44
    sophomore 40
    junior 36
    senior 38

    (Date : 2013. 3)

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