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    Department of Pre-dentistry

  • Students will be taught the basic knowledge necessary for the specialized field of dentistry and guided in the practical application of such knowledge. Students will also be taught relevant ethics and values necessary to become humane and respectable dentists. After 2 years of pre-dentistry, students will go into dentistry for 4 years.

Aim of education

  • The academic objective of the pre-dentistry course at the Department of Dentistry is to teach students basic knowledge required in the field, practical application of such knowledge and relevant ethics and values required to foster future dentists who will contribute to the prosperity of mankind and national advancement.


  • Students who have completed the pre-dentistry course at the Department of Dentistry must have met the following requirements.
    1. Must have full understanding of basic knowledge necessary for studying dentistry.
    2. Must understand basic natural sciences related to the field and be able to apply and improve on the knowledge.
    3. Must be able to conduct innovative and creative research related to the field of dentistry with logical and scientific thinking.
    4. Must be able to undergo continuous learning after the completion of the course and be able to continue self-improvement in adapting to the rapidly advancing field.
    5. Must have fully acquired the proper ethics, responsibilities and values as a future dentist.

    Department of Dentistry

  • Students will be taught theories and practical knowledge and gain clinical experience necessary for the fostering of excellent dentists who will lead in the field. This 4-year course will be available to students who have finished the 2-year pre-dentistry course. The Department of Dentistry has 16 lecture halls (6 foundation dentistry lecture halls and 10 clinical dentistry halls), and in order to adapt to the continuously advancing field of dentistry, the school adopted a new academic curriculum in 2007. Classes which were originally segmented in the past were combined in order to provide a more cumulative approach to learning rather than segmented knowledge, and in order to encourage students' interest and allow early clinical experience, students will obtain clinical experience in hospitals beginning in their 1st year. Opportunities to select classes of interest as opposed to following a set curriculum are available to students to increase student satisfaction and encourage self-improvement, and in order to allow more ethical and professional diagnosis and practice as specialists, classes in the liberal arts, social sciences and dentistry are also provided.

Aim of education

  • The academic objective of the Department of Dentistry at the Gangneung-Wonju National University is to foster dentists with excellent clinical ability, a proper work ethic, creative research potential and leadership skills in order to contribute to regional, national and global advancements.


  • Students who have completed the dentistry course at the Department of Dentistry must have met the following requirements.
    1. Must be able to understand and apply basic knowledge and clinical information required for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of various dental conditions.
    2. Must have the ability to respect patients and specialists in the related field and to communicate well with others.
    3. Must have an active attitude regarding spotting and solving problems and an eagerness to pursue life-long study in the field in order to continuously obtain new information and skills.
    4. Must be able to practice responsibly as a doctor with ethics and to participate in active and creative activities for the benefit of the regional society.
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